Orvium – Improve the Effectiveness and Quality of Scientific Publishing


Orvium – Improve the Effectiveness and Quality of Scientific Publishing
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One of the most advantageous industries in the world is scientific publishing. For your information, the profit margins of the top 5 publishers are higher than those of giants such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. However, scientific publishers have raised the costs and efforts of publication to the research community.

They apply an awkward triple-pay system where which include: most of the research are funded by governments, works are reviewed by volunteer scientists, and publishers sell the product back to colleges, and governmental organizations. This system has received critics from many research organizations and scientists yet there are still no solutions that work for the problems.

More Problems on the Current Publication Model

In addition to the outrageous economic model, there are other problems related to the current publication model that give a direct impact to the research community. Some of the problems are expensive publication costs, subjective peer review process, proliferation of bad journals, and copyrights matters. Recently, there have been some initiatives to address these issues but they are still not able to omit the market inefficiencies and barriers.

What Orvium Does

The mission of Orvium is to omit all of the inefficiencies that occur in the market and increase the effectiveness and quality of scientific publishing. The main goal of Orvium is to be the most widely-used publication platform that gives optimum benefits for the research community.

In order to achieve this objective, Orvium will provide some effective solutions using cutting-edge technologies based on decentralized blockchain. The technology integrated include smart contracts, big data analytics, and cloud computing. All of them are aimed at establishing a platform that authenticate and distribute research data and results.

How the Platform Works

Orvium platform is quite user-friendly. Any individual can seamlessly create an account and directly use the account to access the system. It uses single sign-on method that can be integrated with Facebook or Google. The authentication methods are designed to be simple and familiar to help users use the platform.

Moreover, researchers will use ORCID. This particular authentication method require them to confirm their wallet ownership in order to avoid identity imitation that may happen in the blockchain. So, the users’ authentication can be more secure. Researchers first need to use a random key given by Orvium platform to send a transaction to the blockchain. Then, the transaction will be confirmed by Orvium using the key. After that, the wallet’s ownership can be verified. For companies and research institutions, there will be an additional verification process to follow.

To submit manuscript, authors store authorship and public proof-of-existence in the blockchain. Then, Orvium platform will support versioning by tracing the life-cycle. Authors can submit the latest version of the manuscript after peer reviews, anytime.

Orvium Token Sale Information

Anyone who are interested in buying ORV tokens should complete KYC/AML procedure in order to be eligible as the token holders. It is shown from the roadmap that Orvium has planned to conduct ORV token sale during the second of third quarter of 2018. Unfortunately, until this article is being written, the exact date of the sale has not been announced yet.

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