NODE Haven – Making Advanced Crypto-Mining Equipment Available for Everyone

NODE Haven – Making Advanced Crypto-Mining Equipment Available for Everyone
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The current business models of mining equipment manufacturers rely on centralized access, resulting in various problems that should be faced by the mining community. The issue is the reason why the presence of NODE Haven is needed.

NODE Haven Overview

NODE Haven grants access to advance miners at a price based on production cost instead of the one based on the market. This US-based blockchain hardware manufacturer makes everyone able to take the advantages as they got from mining manufacturers. It is possible to do because NODE Haven uses a cooperative model based on Ethereum ERC20 Token named NODE. Users can use NODE tokens repeatedly to access miners. This will eventually increase the miner’s ROI particularly in peak moment which is the times when the demand is high.

Not only does NODE Haven provide advanced equipment for crypto miners, it also develops the first customized blockchain hardware that can be used for various apps from AI-based neural network to video transcoding. The ultimate goal of NODE Haven is to continuously develop blockchain technology and become the most widely used Web 3.0 hardware provider in the world.

Problems with ASIC Manufacturer Mediation

Nowadays, ASIC design has been widely used as the protocol for crypto mining. However, there are some problems occurred in the field. First, the flow of infrastructure hardware supporting decentralized cryptocurrency is controlled by centralized ASIC manufacturers. When mining is most profitable, the production becomes very limited. This condition leads them to sell out quickly. As a result, third-party sellers set inflated pricing during the period when miners are most economic.

Second, advanced technology was used while selling off older technology because the use of advanced technology in mining provides ASIC manufacturers with a huge competitive benefit that will now be shared by the holders of NODE token.

The third problem is the increase of threat to decentralization along with the rising prices of BTC and cryptocurrency. Independent miners only have little access to financial hardware because the incentive to mine using the equipment in their own mines nurtures the centralized ASIC manufactures. NODE haven will try to neutralize the threat effectively as it will not use the equipment product to mine. Moreover, NODE token holders will be able to access advanced equipment at a cheaper price than the one set by other ASIC manufactures.

Solutions Proposed by NODE Haven

In addressing the problems above, NODE Haven has planned some solutions. The first one is to increase accessibility. Everyone who wants to take part in mining should be given equal access as ASIC manufactures to mining equipment. Second, NODE haven is going to replace centralized business models with decentralized cryptocurrency. The company believes that the centralized business models do more harm than good. They hinder users to access advanced technologies and raise the prices of mining equipment just to get the highest profit for themselves. In addition, NODE Haven will also embrace cooperative business models in order to keep the access to advanced equipment at the cheapest rate.

Core Team

The core team of NODE Haven consists of four members. There are two co-founders; Michael Bazzi and Charles Dusek. Michael graduated from Michigan University in economics and computer science. His expertise is in marketing and cloud security. Meanwhile, Charles is. The other two members are Gil Motta who is the Technical Director of the company, and E. Ross Hackler who holds the position of Creative Director.

NODE Token Detail

There will be 500 million NODE token supplied. Among the total tokens, 70% of them will be available for the main sale while 10% of them will be allocated for presale. The rest of the tokens are allocated for the team, advisors, and bounty program. The hard cap of the sale is targeted to be 50 million USD.

The presale request invite is open through NODE Haven’s official website. Unfortunately, there is no information about the starting date of the presale and main sale. NODE Haven is very selective to invite the presale participant. If you want to join the presale, you can go to the website and fill in the required information such as name, email address, the amount of investment, and your justification.

Later the funds generated for the sales will be allocated mainly for PDV (Product Development Vehicle), business administration, regulatory expenses, and blockchain & security.


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