Tradelize – Helping Crypto Traders to Make a Leap in the Crypto Community


The blockchain industry keeps evolving along with the growing amount of assets and cryptocurrency. Following the incredible growth, the market for crypto trading is also exponentially growing. It can be a positive thing for traders and investors as they are offered a huge range of investment options. On the other hand, it also creates some problems as described below.


The presence of numerous alternative coins in circulation leads to difficulties for traders to determine whether they are worth investing or not. Following their constants fluctuations is also not easy. These problems are not only faced by new investors. Even, experienced traders also feel these difficulties. It is true that the world of cryptocurrency has attracted thousands of new investors, but it is found out that there is no improvement for their learning curve. Meanwhile, there are no sufficient services and tools to assist new users in dealing with their investment. The potential risks keep increasing, decreasing their chance in making a leap into the crypto community. As a result, there are barriers in entering the market, limiting mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Tradelize Solutions

Addressing the problems above, Tradelize propose some solutions. As a global cryptocurrency ecosystem providing a suite of services, it will let token holders confidently and seamlessly trade their crypto assets. Tradelize platform will help traders, especially those who lack experiences, to make smart investments. The goal of Tradelize is to reduce or even lower the obstructions they are facing when entering the market. One of the way to help them is to provide accessible tools both for newbies and professional users. The platforms allow new investors to learn and copy strategies that previously have been successfully used by professional traders. The blockchain is incorporated in the platform’s system in a way it is used to verify the performance of these traders.

In other words, the platform is trying to engage new crypto players with the professional traders. In the platform, there are 3 synergistic components to be established. The first one is Tradelize.terminal. It is intended to serve the traditional stock market professionals. The second key component is Tradlize.web. It enables new traders to enter the crypto market by copying the previous trades made by professional traders. The third one is Tradelize.score which funds the best traders as a reward for their expertise.

Their strategies can be used by all users. This cooperation can increase the value of the ecosystem. Senior traders can reaffirm their skills and get some profits from the users who copy their trade strategies and the new investors can make expected results as those of seasoned professional could.

Tradelize Token Details

Tradelize issues tokens named TDZ. It will be the only accepted mean of transaction payment on the terminal. The basic use of TDZ tokens is for paying trading fees, paying for extra products and services, and giving commissions of copy trading. The token will be used to unclick the access key. Token holders who have 100 USD worth of TDZ are able to access Tradelize.terminal. Meanwhile, investors can copy traders’ strategies. All transaction fees paid in TDZ tokens will be denominated in fiat.

You can buy the tokens from the presale and token sale. The presale has started since the 1st of May 2018. The presale falls into three stages. The first stage was conducted from 1 – 3 May 2018 with 30% bonus. The second was from 4 – 10 May 2018 with 20% bonus. All those first two stages have ended but you still have the opportunity to participate in the third stage that will end at 28 May 2018.

Soon after the presale ends, the public token sale will start. The sale period is from 29 May – 30 June 2018. Like the presale, the crowdsale is also divided into three stages in which each stage offers a different bonus. The first stage is from 29 May to 5 June that offers 10% bonus. The second stage, from 6 June – 20 June 2018, offers 5% bonus. The last stage, starting from 21 – 30 June, however, offers no bonus.

One TDZ is sold at $1.00. The hard cap for the sale is USD 30,000,000. The tokens will be distributed 2 weeks after the official token sale is completed.

The next article will discuss further about the token sale, primarily on how the token supplies are distributed. Besides, it will also talk about other information about Tradelize platform, such as how Tradelize works, and the advantages that it offers.


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