DataBlockchain – Providing Relevant and Cost-Effective Data to attract more Clients


Currently, one of the main problems that businesses should deal with is customer acquisition and retention. This is considered a big problem and it needs an immediate solution. DataBlockchain as a revolutionary data problem will provide some solutions to solve problems regarding the availability of reliable data to acquire customers.  Here, the detail of the problems and how DataBlockchain will solve them are presented.


As mentioned above, even until today, customer acquisition and retention has still become one of the major problems that business should face. Acquiring costumers and maintain their retention is not an easy task to do even for big companies. In order to reach new customers and sustain their royalty is to use critical data that help market the prospects with the biggest propensity to use both companies’ service and products and later help analyze current costumers’ needs to ensure their retention. Businesses are provided with complicated and confusing data industry. They end up with being desperate in searching for this critical information.  Obtaining this critical information is also expensive and time-consuming. It is really ineffective and inefficient seen from a business perspective.


The rapid growth of advertising market that reached almost $600 billion in 2017 has increased the demand of accurate data. Data itself is they key of marketing boom. DataBlockchain has the capability to democratize data so they will be more readily available in less expensive cost. It will change the way individuals and companies gather the data so it will become much more effective and efficient. The result is that clients, whether they are individuals or companies, are able to obtain particular sets of data in a transparent and cost-effective way. They won’t need to pay for superfluous data but just collect what they need.

DataBlockchain will combine the world’s biggest databases with its own propriety data. The data can be in the form of property data, voting records, credit bureau data, government data, and many others. The merge of these data is aimed at establishing various data sets comprehension that help businesses and individuals attract and retain consumers effectively and inexpensively. In short, DataBlockchain will help all users to access the most relevant, nuanced data. The necessity of middlemen will be removed so the prices can be lowered. This will open up an untapped market of new clients on a global scale.

Why DataBlockchain?

There are a number of reasons why DataBlockchain is a great option for both individuals and companies to attract potential clients. First of all, the data are faster to access. It is not easy to provide fast access to a data firm through a large amount of information. The speed problem has always become an unsolvable issue so fat. This problem is often faced by much-existing data platform. Data blockchain, however, utilizes the advanced technology of Artificial Technology that enables Data Blockchain to work faster than other companies.

Moreover, the level of transparency created by blockchain is high. Nowadays, businesses should deal with complete lack of trust related to most data firms. This problem seems never to disappear from the information industry, hampering individuals and companies to access reliable data securely and conveniently. However, DataBlockchain provides a solution to this issue. The technology of blockchain is added with transparency, giving firms no choice but to cooperate otherwise they will sink alone. In addition, blockchain also offers the democratization of data, allowing smaller companies being able to afford information. It is something they find it difficult to do in the ultra-competitive market that exists nowadays.

Token Detail

There are 870MM tokens created. 164.58MM is available for presale while 257.42MM is distributed for the main sale. The presale has just begun since 27th May 2018. So, you can start to buy tokens from now on. It will run until 21st June 2018. For this presale, the token is sold at $0.08, with the bonus rate up to 50%. Buyers should spend minimally 1 ETH. After the presale period ends, the main sale will start. It will last for a month from 21st June – 21st July 2018. There is bonus offered for the main sale. The price of the token is $0.12 with minimum purchase 0.1 ETH. All unsold tokens will be destroyed and there won’t be any new tokens created after the sale period.


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