Multiversum – The Brand New Blockchain with more Advanced Features


Bitcoin, as the first cryptocurrency is considered as the first generation of the blockchain. It provides a variety of forks and clones using an algorithm for validating the transaction. It is followed by Ethereum that enables smart contracts as the second generation. It is even more heterogeneous than Bitcoin, making assets tokenization easier. However, these two first blockchain architectures are still low regarding energy efficiency. Besides, there are also issues related to validation speed and transaction. These problems are addressed by the third generation of blockchain that various different methods and techniques such as off-chain routing, graph-chain and Proof of Stake. The next blockchain generation will be more advanced than the previous ones.

The 4.0 Blockchain is going to provide more scalable and faster solutions. It will organize complex data structures more effectively and validate them with a high level of security and traceability. It can be said that the latest generation of blockchain is the ultimate production application that can optimize data storage, security, and reliability. Multiversum will bring this technology to organize complex data with the concept of Proof of Integrity validation.

Features of Multiversum

Multiversum has a number of features that cannot be found in the previous versions of blockchains. First, it is a kind of relational blockchain which means it can handle various data types in a multidimensional infrastructure. Second, this brand new blockchain offers chains severability that can optimize resources among nodes. Third, the transaction speed is incredible. It takes less than a second to transfer funds from one wallet to another. Other fantastic new features include rollback, the use of PoI instead of PoS, and eco-friendly transaction.

Technical Roadmap

The roadmap began with the Pre ICO that was held in March 2018 followed by the ICO crowdsale that is happening at the moment. In June, the company will hire more members to develop the team. The next plans will be integrating DBMS into chain abstraction, and continuously controlling and updating the system. These will have been completed by 2019. Then in the first quarter of 2019, Multiversum will develop the system of the Proof and Integrity together with the development of biometric data on IOs, Android, and web applications. In the second quarter of the year, external “Ethereum-like” applications will be added to the system.


The entire team of Multiversum consists of 27 members divided into four sub-teams. There are 4 founders, 8 development team members, 6 members of marketing and operations, and 9 advisors. Here, we will discuss some of the founders only. Multiversum is founded by Andrea Taini. His expertise is in software development. He began his career regarding software development and IT business in 2009. At that time he worked for IBM as a software developer. He has many other experiences in the field such as being a software designer for Ericson, a Java developer for MICROS Systems Inc. and a lot of more.

As mentioned above, Andrea Taini is not the only founder of Multiversum. There are three other co-founders; Michele Roscelli, Matteo Monti, and Matteo Peterlini. In the company, Michele is in charge of infrastructure & Integration, Matteo Monti is dealing with the social media & marketing while Matteo Peterlini holds the position of Art Director. You can check their complete profiles are available on LinkedIn.

ICO Token Details

ICO is live! There is 141,000,000 MTV token available for ICO. The target for the crowdfund is 35,000,000 USD. The price of 1 MTV token is 1 USD. The ICO already started on 1st May 2018. The closing date is scheduled to be 10th June 2018. If you buy tokens on the first and second week you will earn 20% bonus. The bonus will decrease by 5% per two weeks. So, if you make a token purchase on the third and fourth week, the bonus is 15%. On the last two weeks, the bonus will be only 10%. The soft cap is set to be 5 million USD. If this amount is not reached, the funds will be given back to the buyers.

If you are interested in the ICO and plan to buy MTV token, it is recommended to read and understand the legal considerations and risks. This information is available in the whitepaper.


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