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New applications empowered by blockchain are launched every single day, supporting decentralized solution to the digital economy. Fintech is leading with more than one-third of share in the whole blockchain base technology. It cannot be denied that transparency and decentralization are starting from now on. However, on the other hand, this is hard to achieve without mass adoption.

It is true that Fintech is the fastest-growing component of the digital economy yet there are still some problems faced by typical users and the current solution is not sufficient to address the problem. centric and sustainable bridging is needed to fill the huge gap between the current state of evolution and the everyday use of technology empowered by blockchain. Coinnup with its team consisting of experienced economists and developers has prepared solutions intended for traders, investors, and buyers.

Problems Addressed by Coinnup

There are numerous problems that Coinnup is trying to solve. The first problem is related to the absence of the global central platform. Without a global central platform, it will be difficult even for early adopters of cryptocurrencies like Australian, for example, to buy, sell, or use cryptocurrencies. The second problem is the non-existence of Pont of sale system (POS). Most of the projects are concentrating on cryptocurrencies while these digital assets cannot be used by ordinary users to fulfil daily needs like paying phone bills, buying groceries, or buying pieces of clothes. Existing POS is traditional but it can reach masses effectively. On the other hand, blockchain-based POS system is non-existent and it can hinder the decentralization extension to merchants all levels.

There is also a problem regarding the existing fiat exchanges. The fluctuating exchange rate can make investors lose some value of cryptocurrencies. The other problem is related to crypto ranking websites to which many investors rely on. However, these websites are often unreliable because coins are often ranked based on market capitalization and calculation is made based on the trading volumes at different exchanges. Therefore, investors find it difficult to determine volatility, coin’s legitimacy, and other risk factors.

Those are only a few common problems that occur in the industry. There are still other problems such as the lack of portfolio management, claims of instant withdrawal, and a problem with an existing wallet.

Coinnup Solutions

In order to solve all of the problems above, Coinnup will provide a unified interface intended for individual users and business, bridging the points among all main components of digital asset management. The key components that drive the digital economy will be all streamlined by the ecosystem of Coinnup. Coinnup intends to establish a powerful, robust, secure, user-friendly platform that offers ID central, universal wallet, POS, Fiat central, coins ranking, smart exchange, and portfolio management, each addressing the aforementioned problem.

Why Coinnup?

Coinnup is established by a team of financial experts, business innovators, blockchain enthusiasts, Fintech developers, designers, economists, and marketers. Each of them has strong background and experiences related to the field. Besides, the project is built based on extensive research and deep need analysis. Coinnup motto is “the difference that makes the difference”. Through an extraordinary decentralized innovation, Coinnup is providing all-in-one solutions dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges, trading, wallets, and deposits. Furthermore, Coinnup model enables scalability to grow, fulfilling the other needs of the users.

As we know, that Cryptocurrency is still a quite new phenomenon for most of the population of the world particular in a retail and wholesale sector. One of the ultimate goals of Coinnup is to spread POS network all other the planet. The POS system will enable users to transfer money, buy groceries, top up phone credits, and much more easily. More or more businesses with cryptocurrencies have begun to accept blockchain solutions but they are probably still not 100% sure because of the lack of established and reliable platforms.

Token Detail

Coinnup will issue ERC20 tokens called PMZ. There will be 298,500,000 PMZ tokens with no more token creation in the future. The sale of PMZ tokens will be broken down into six phases. The first phase is the private sale which was already closed on 20th March 2018. The second sale is the presale which is still happening right now. It will be closed on 21st June 2016. The third and fourth phases will be for the public sale. The public sale period will start on 24th July and on 23rd August 2018. It will be followed by a flash sale and final sale.


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