Chozun – The First Blockchain-Based Travel and Loyalty Ecosystem

Chozun – The First Blockchain-Based Travel and Loyalty Ecosystem
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The marketplace of the travel industry is archaic and obsolete. Destination bookings and information are managed based on centralized implementation. Existing platforms such as Dianping, Priceline, TripAdvisor’s, are all out-of-date. These platforms control their data in a commercial way and pay mess benefit for the consumer. As a result, fake reviews, skewed, and abundant irrelevant information occur.  Furthermore, people who book are charged large fees and the platforms do not give profitable rewards for providers or users. Considering these problems, Chozun is present with all of its solutions.

The Mission of Chozun

The mission is what Chozun does every single day. Chozun is a platform that helps travellers to find them get the best personalized local experiences and services. In order to realize this mission, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are used within the platform. Chozun commits to giving the best service to customers by always listening to them. At the same time, the team is still developing a solid product roadmap. Chozun is also planning the next evolution. The team believes there are still many things to do, with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency playing a crucial role in that.

In short, Chozun attempts to benefit its providers and customers. The platform is establishing an authentic and exceptional experience and relationships between customers and local business through a seamless, reliable and genuine travel.


Chozun is here to stay to deal with so many problems present in the travel industry. The first common problem is dealing with relevance. Nowadays, finding trusted and relevant travel services and experiences is very difficult. The presence of fake information makes the process even more painful and time-consuming. The overwhelming information available, instead of giving more options to costumes, make them stressed as they need to spend hours just for research.

The second problem is related to loyalty. In a centralized system, users are locked into one loyalty system which has many limitations. The third problem is about authentication and efficiency. There is no guarantee that the authentication of the quality of experiences and businesses are true. It cannot be trusted as feedbacks can be fake. Even positive reviews can be bought.


Chozun has prepared a number of solutions to address the aforementioned issues. In order to deal with the problem of relevance, Chozun matches users to the local experiences and services that best suit them using AI and Data Science. The platform allows the users to find and book top quality local services and experiences all based on their lifestyle and preferences. They can seamlessly and directly book via the platform at no time. Furthermore, from the transaction using advanced technology, Chozun creates and curates meta-scoring and true depictions of experience. There are no long, useless, and subjective reviews to rely on.

Meanwhile, to deal with loyalty issue, Chozun is establishing a robust business model that incentivizes both business leaders and providers to participate and bring traffic to the network. Until this time, there have been more than 3k providers joined Chozun platform. These providers provide everything the travellers wish for their travels such as drivers, dining, experiences, and many others. By offering services and goods through the platform, these providers will be incentivized with CZN token.

The third problem about authentication and efficiency is solved using genuine rating. Feedback can only be given by those who ever transacted with providers. There will be no fake feedback or paid reviews. The trustworthiness of the feedback is guaranteed by the immutable blockchain governed by AI.

Pre ICO and ICO

In order to support its development, Chozun is going to conduct pre ICO and ICO. The pre-ICO will start on 1st of July. It will run for a month until the end of July 2018. Soon, it will be followed by the ICO sale. The period of the ICO sale is from 1st August to 31st August 2018. Both sales last for 1 month. The price of 1 CZN token sold at the Pre ICO is 50c (USD) while for the ICO sale, the price increases to 60c (USD). There are 100 million CZN tokens supplied in total. Half of the tokens are available for the Pre ICO and ICO sale. If you are interested to buy the tokens, you can visit its ICO website as the tokens will be available from the website.


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