Ubcoin ICO Reviews #2 – Providing a Seamless Way of Selling and Buying Goods Globally


The information about the problems that initiate Ubcoin to establish the project has been described. Besides, it also describes the visions of the company and the market opportunity. Here, we will focus on the products and features of the Ubcoin marketplace.

Product Value Foundation

The product of Ubcoin is founded firstly on the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Ubcoin provides an opportunity for all parties to obtain benefits by promoting mass adoptions of digital assets. The users will have daily transactions in buying and selling goods. Second, Ubcoin’s production value is peer-to-peer interaction. By direct interaction of buyers and sellers, the need of intermediary can be eliminated. Ubcoin platform executes a smart contract for independent parties. The Ubcoin Marketplace doesn’t have any right in possessing any goods for sale. It means that there will be no bias and the fairness of smart contracts can be maintained.

The third product value is a legal marketplace. The platform uses an advanced Artificial Intelligent technology to ensure the goods legitimacy. The technology can help promoting and encouraging seller profile transparency and verification. Fourth, all transactions and settlements are fully decentralized. It is because of the use of blockchain. For each transaction, payments are done directly regulated by smart contracts. Then, Ubcoin also offers impeccable interface. It has an interface design that provides buyers and sellers comfortable experience in selling and buying goods worldwide. Last but not least, Ubcoin brings the value of open community. There will be many parties involved such as notaries, delivery companies, etc.

Product Description and Features

Ubcoin is a kind of mobile application that enables users, in this case, sellers and buyers, to interact conveniently in the marketplace. They will find no difficulties anymore in dealing with cryptocurrency. Not only does the app facilitate payment using cryptocurrency, it also offers user-friendly tools, and regulates business relations between the two parties under the Ethereum blockchain-based smart contract. The platform will use the various tools in the latest technology in which the tools are used to supply information needed to make any decisions about whether or not certain products are worth buying. The information may cover the detail of the product descriptions, product reviews, terms of sale, and many more. So, it can be said that Ubcoin is a set of features developed from Ubank, a leading app for mobile payment in Eastern Europe.

ICO Token Sale

ICO sale is needed by any blockchain project to earn revenues for developing the project itself. The name of Ubcoin token is UBC. There UBC token sale is divided into two parts. The first one is the private presale which is limited to only investors with minimum purchase 5 ETH. This sale has ended since 31 March 2018. The second one is the public token sale which began on 2 April. This sale is open to the public. The sale will end on 14 July 2018.

The next article will talk about the roadmap of the project which contains the plans that either have been realized or are still in progress. In addition, you will also read about the team behind the project.


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