Benebit – The Currency for Customer Loyalty


Benebit A global decentralized ecosystem that enables interaction without borders between brands, companies and consumers and is built on Blockchain technology. Benebit is a disruptive network for the cashback and loyalty market based on blockchain technology. The unbeatable social component of Benebit’s model is professionally designed to meet the highest standards of business/consumer interaction for securely storing and exchanging all kinds of user and brand data for the promotion of discounts, special deals, cashback and loyalty programs. Benebit simplifies and introduces a new way for businesses and consumers to interact, which drives traffic, increases loyalty and trust, and enhances convenience and security.

Benebit is a global cashback and loyalty programs that aimed at bringing positive changes to traditional practices of cashback and loyalty programs. Hence, with Benebit, you can exchange any major cryptocurrency or fiat money with its token at the same exchange rate. Why not try to shop your favorite brand anywhere in the world with Benebit token, here we bring all together in one network.

Disrupting online shopping through blockchain technology

With both retailers and consumers in mind, aims to revolutionize the world of cashback and loyalty programs through the adoption of blockchain technology. How? Benebit will replace the point system from the last century with the Benebit Token, allownig users to exchange their Benebit Tokens into any major cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Now, customers do not have to worry if they are in the UK or Europe, as they will always be able to shop from their favorite brands all over the world using one single Benebit Token (BNE).

How does it work?

For consumers, the startup is introducing the Benebit App, as well as the Benecard. While shoppers can use the app to find brands, shop and store their points, the Benecard solves the longstanding problem of countless loyalty cards. The card is essentially a hardware wallet for all cashback points, which can be spent anywhere as the proprietary technology allows users to use it as fiat money or a credit card.

From a business point of view, Benebit empowers retailers with a Point of Sale System, which not only collects customer shopping data but also allows for management of internal processes such as inventory tracking, staff payroll and vendor listing. In addition, Benebit’s proprietary technology lowers retailers’ transaction fees as intermediaries are cut out and all transactions happen on the Benebit network. Last but not least, brands are able to interact with customers (and vice-versa) through the Benebit app, increasing engagement.

The Benebit Team

A renowned proverb States that “tell me your friend and I tell you who you are” The truism of the above proverb could be attested to through a consideration of the stalwarts in the Benebit team: the chief executive officer (CEO) of Benebit is John Laverty, an entrepreneur and block chain enthusiast.A business strategist and consultant. Laverty is an authority in cryptocurrency technologist in the financial institutions. Another integrity member of the team is Howard Sharp with fifteen years of experience on software development. He is CTO and co founder of the team.Howard is skilled technically on micro controll programming. He is both a coach and mentor.

Ian Livingston COO of Benebit is a versatile personality on both finance and project management. Livingstone has worked with organizations of this magnitude namely; Oracle, Vodafone, etc.The list of team members is too much to be recounted in this space.


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