4NEW – Tangible Waste to Energy Blockchain Solution


4NEW Limited is that the world’s first blockchain integrated Waste to Energy public utility treatment plant. 4NEW will revolutionize Waste and Energy industries by providing services like a wholesaler inside the Utilities sector that‘s fully integrated onto an open source, decentralized public exchange enabling consumers and industry peers alike to trade their 4NEW Coins towards payments inside the 4NEW ecosystem.

Our product is grounded in necessities, solving two social problems, waste surplus and energy shortfall. Our blockchain platform will certainly be built on top from the underlying treatment infrastructure covering the complete supply chain from collection of waste to generation of electricity to sale of energy units towards the national grid or between consumers and industry peers. Offered the utilitarian nature in our services, It‘s our belief that 4NEW will successfully integrate the blockchain network inside the real world applications of waste to energy conversion with widespread acceptance.

Moreover, 4NEW can support the energy consumption costs of their own decentralized open source platform enabling 4NEW to operate at significantly reduced cost when compared with another blockchain networks.

It‘s our opinion, the 4NEW Coin will evolve to get the conventional currency amongst the cryptocurrencies. Its like having our very own battery pack built into our blockchain integrated network.


Our mission is to supply an entire blockchain integrated, scalable, localized solution for Waste to Energy conversion with real time feedback for our particular consumers. By integrating the complete supply chain of Waste to Energy on your blockchain network we create economies of scale and transparency that‘s passed along to finished consumer thereby generating savings and confidence while holding ourselves accountable.


Offered the rampant acceptance from the blockchain network within the previous decade, 4NEW envisions the blockchain community growing at an exponential pace like the platform enters MainStage. The data generated by this community would require additional servers installed in developing nations on continents for example Africa and Asia. These servers, would require a tremendous level of energy in an effort to run efficiently. Developing nations happen to be handling significant energy shortfalls. The 4NEW solution can help bridge that gap to the blockchain network by establishing future plant sites in close proximity to urban centers where these data servers can be situated, thereby alleviating the burdens upon the respective national electric grid. Kindly note, that offered the Energy Gap, 4NEW has a chance to install Waste to Energy treatment sites anywhere in the planet.


4NEW Limited will certainly be selling energy to finished household consumers and also the national grid. Offered the captive consumer base, 4NEW will certainly be positioned for rapid expansion in various cities by addressing two social issues with a really localized and scalable business model. This cyclical nature from the business plan also will enable us to sell the energy back at deeply discounted prices to the first adopters in our product thus leading to some rapid increase in market share. Please note, there aren‘t any landfill sites in your business model and waste will certainly be simultaneously processed as it‘s collected.


4NEW Smart Meter technology happens to be under adoption in Asia. This technology will certainly be available with other energy producers inside the UK to lease for any nominal monthly fee. This‘ll enable us to get a diversified revenue stream. Furthermore, building this network along with energy producers could result in a quick adoption from the 4NEW Coin inside the waste and energy industries. Many of the advantages primary attributes of the 4NEW Smart Meter are described on subsequent page.


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