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MeetnGreetMe was designed to make travel experience a really personalized experience around the world and help travelers save their valuable time while outsourcing travel related tasks to dedicated and trustworthy local people.

This paper describes the crowdsourced travel concierge service and lifestyle management ecosystem where everyone can find support they need before and/or during their trip as well as contribute with their skills to building an absolutely new concept of travel and hospitality.

It explains benefits of the blockchain technology for MeetnGreetMe platform development, such as token based incentives to encourage and sustain mutually beneficial relations between major players and create environment for decentralized operations, a blockchain-based payment system, utilizing smart contracts for transparent and timely execution of agreements and includes terms of crowdsale campaign to bring a vision into life.

MeetnGreetMe marketplace has been operating for more than a year so it had time to prove that smart decentralization is the only way to develop a peer-to-peer marketplace keeping a rational balance between input and output in terms of limited resources.

Issue of token which provides its holder with the rights to participate in the business development and get returns on the efforts, turns such token holder into a motivated community member. All together such members become a driven force for turning new things into the mainstream and supporting and spreading new culture.

Though the total decentralization is an open question yet, the analysis of the MeetnGreetMe platform performance emphasises that the decentralization of some crucial directions is inevitable for further development of such network-based platform as MeetnGreetMe.

MeetnGreetMe Mission

The MeetnGreetMe mission is to let everyone access all the benefits of personalized approach to their travel needs while supporting local businesses and communities to market their services and products at fair costs.

Recognizing that our life as international travelers can be more comfortable, easier and enjoyable should we knew trustworthy people in a visited city, we have started to develop a new concept of personal travel concierge service which is delivered by local people to world travelers and hence can be afforded by anyone who needs it. Basing it on trust, friendship, fun and hospitality we are building a global community of like-minded people who are happy to share their hospitality, local expertise and knowledge with travelers.

MeetnGreetMe Vision

We aim at revolutionizing travel and hospitality industry via turning it into a crowdsourced ecosystem with decentralized elements where every member is incentivized to contribute with their time, skills, local expertise and resources to the MeetnGreetMe ultimate goal – help people from around the world travel carefree, enjoy personalized approach to their travel needs and savour authentic experiences wherever they are.

We see MeetnGreetMe as a community driven marketplace where all the parties will find an opportunity for self-expression and -enhancement through helping others and eventually will be rewarded by the community. Moreover, the background diversification of MeetnGreetMe community members will help to bring the blockchain technology to masses and popularize it among people around the world.

Advanced analytics and machine learning which will be later integrated will allow us to produce offers based on our customers’ behavior and radically change a way people approach the process of planning and arranging their travel related tasks and activities.

MeetnGreetMe services

From meeting upon arrival or accompanying during the stay to helping with organizing your life events or finding business contacts in a visited city, local MeetnGreeters are stuffed to deliver a wide range of tailor-made services to help international travelers to reach their travel goals and save time for things that matter.


  • Accompany during stay
  • Rent a car
  • Organize/Assist with events
  • Accompany to events
  • Drive to destinations
  • Book a hotel/apartments
  • Meet upon arrival
  • Interpret/Translate
  • Information on the local infrastructure and transport
  • Help with shopping


  • Information on culture, lifestyle and traditions
  • Book/buy tickets to events/sports games
  • Arrange travel tours to local attractions
  • Arrange a gastronomic tour
  • Personal city guiding
  • Nightlife hot spots guiding
  • Plan a trip
  • Charter a yacht, helicopter, etc.
  • Other request unique to the place of stay
  • Visit a party hosted by locals

Day-to-day issues

  • Assist with banking and money matters
  • Book personal care and services
  • Arrange a repair or an engineer visit
  • 24h information support
  • Make telephone calls
  • Find contacts
  • Buy flowers
  • Gift delivery

Business matters

  • Perform Internet research
  • Book a restaurant/make a recommendation
  • Perform personalized shopping and delivery
  • Provide business referral service
  • Take photos at events
  • Advice on business etiquette


  • Request health insurance
  • Arrange visits to doctors
  • Accompany to doctors
  • Sick care
  • Arrange sports activities

Market overview

World travel and tourism market has already reached $ 7.61 trillion with 2.31 trillion coming directly from the industry. Global online travel sales totaled $ 564.87 billion and is projected to grow to $ 755.94 billion in 2019. More than 1.2 billion people crossed international borders in 2016 for business and leisure and international tourist arrivals worldwide is forecasted to grow by 4% annually and reach more than 1.8 billion by 2030. Business travel expenditures are forecasted to rise up to $1.6 trillion by 2020. 20% of travel industry is already affected by peer-to-peer services.

All this takes place under increasing value of time and changing demands of travelers. Combining up-to-date local expertise, strong community of local people, advantages of blockchain technology with integrated advanced analytics and machine learning MeetnGreetMe aims at changing behavior and habits of people in organizing their trips and managing their pastime in a visited city.


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